Will we lose or gain units during this redevelopment?

We will not lose public housing units and we will gain additional affordable / work-force and unrestricted market units.

Park Morton has 174 public housing units, which will be replaced as follows:

(1) The already completed Avenue project contains 27 public housing replacement units

(2) At completion of the Park Morton Redevelopment, 147 public housing replacement units will be delivered.

The redevelopment plan also includes 111 additional affordable / workforce units in the Bruce Monroe site and 45 additional affordable / workforce units in the Park Morton site.

How were the unit sizes determined?

Currently, Park Morton includes only 2-bedroom units. The development team, in collaboration with DCHA and DMPED, analyzed the household sizes of families who live in Park Morton. The bedroom counts for the public housing replacement units were considered to ensure that all returning Park Morton residents will be appropriately housed based on their family size, once the redevelopment is complete. Taking into account the family size and needs of Park Morton residents, the new plan includes 48 1-bedroom, 84 2-bedroom, 12 3-bedroom and 3 4-bedroom units.

How is it ensured that the units will be affordable?

Several legal documents, including a Ground Lease and Affordable Housing Covenant, will be executed to require the replacement units and additional affordable units be maintained as affordable for a period of at least 99 years. The District monitors all affordable units for compliance for the life of the project. 

Why does the plan include townhouses and flats? Are the townhouses treated differently than the apartments of the multifamily buildings in terms of leasing and the use of vouchers?

The development plan includes a variety of housing options. This is for two reasons:

(1) to provide appropriate housing options based on existing residents’ household size, including larger bedroom size townhouses, and

(2) to best respond to the neighborhood character and surrounding context by having a combination of higher- and lower- density housing options.

Public housing replacement units leasing criteria will be the same regardless of the unit size and architectural type. 

Will there be home ownership opportunities in Park Morton?

Yes, the second phase of the on-site re-development will include affordable and market rate home ownership townhomes. 

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